2017 Results

The Results are in for the 2017 Kingston Beach Fun Run.

The Rotary Club of Kingston would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved!

Our sponsors have been excellent and the level of response and involvement by the over 600 participants is amazing.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the results, please contact us at racetimingtas@gmail.com. Thank you.

Go to Fun Run Gallery to see some photos of the day.


Fun Run Sponsors

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KingBorough Sports Centre

Kingborough Council

Catryna Bilyk

Will Hodgman

Pennicott Tours

Jill and Tony Sward

Kingston Pool

Total Eyecare

Spec Savers


Southern Mechanical Brake Service


North West Bay Golf Club

Kingston Beach 

Golf Club

Bubbles Car Wash

Pauls Hair Salon

Kingston Dry Cleaners


Bunches Florist


Cyber Hair

Pancake Train


Inspirations Paint

Kingston Beach Fuel


Without the services of Hazell Brothers, Tasmania Police, Kingston Fire Brigade, Tasmania Ambulance Service, SES, Kingston Beach Sailing Club and the Kingston Beach Surf Life Saving Club this event would not be able to be held. 

Thanks for their ongoing support and efficiency in enabling participants to be safe and local road users to have minimal interruptions.

Youth Prize Winners

Bikes from Jill and Tony Sward with helmets from Treadlies.

Ada Lanci and Declan Brown

Pool Parties from Kingston Pool

Emily Kull and Zac Anderson

If you would like to share your photos of the fun run on social media, make sure you #kingstonbeachfunrun.

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